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NYX Emerald forest

This is a gorgeous polish, no doubt. But it is little too much glitter for my liking and yes I will hate the removal. The best part of course is that I got it from Stylecraze sale and the price makes me very happy. Much love Stylecraze!

I have two coats here and three would have been better for complete covearge but……yes the removal scared me. This is going to be a great layering polish,though I have to add its not very sheer .

I have NYX Under the Moon (it is sold out on Stylecraze, I guess) layered over pink on my toes and I am in love with that combination.

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Fooling around

Zoya Veruschka  with glossy topcoat (the picture does no justice to the gorgeous polish!)


Jessica Casablanca with Matte topcoat



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Jessica Casablanca

Pretty Meh actually. Layla multireflex would cost just as much and prove to be more versatile. It took three very thin, quick drying coats. But where is the pink, purple and blue glitter that I saw in the bottle? Whats the use of keeping it in the bottle? It has to show up on my nails.

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Lotus- Pink Doll

I love pastels and creme finish in nail polish. As much as I love the festive season, with all the glitter floating around at this time, no wonder I reached for Pink Doll. (Who named this polish!)

Lotus Colour Dew  – Pink Doll, a baby pink which is very glossy and a touch pinker  in real than in this picture. Three easy coats and done. It doesn’t dry super fast but it doesn’t take forever either

These Lotus polishes are a complete value for money. At 90 bucks you get 8ml of toluene & DBP free polishes in all kinds colours and they last reasonably long. I am hoping Lotus will bring more colours and finishes.

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Zoya Veruschka

Deepika  reminded me of mattes, which lie abandoned in my boxes. I have been unable to make up my mind about matte polishes. A matte nail polish is different- good different or bad different, I am unsure. To me it is just a little too attention seeking to take it seriously. 😛  That should tell how I feel about crackle polish. I don’t even own one, I am that disinterested.

Coming to this lovely green, it is  Zoya Veruschka  from Velvet matte collection, which is the best description for the texture and feel of this polish. The colour is deep green with shimmer, which saves it from becoming flat and boring.

When I first bought it I dismissed it immediately (why did I buy it! No idea). It was too stark against my skin and not something I am used to. I put a glossy coat over it and fell in love with the  deep, rich, festive green.

So I came back to it but this time did not apply the mandatory glossy coat.And  I have to admit it has grown on me. Though I can bet I will have it shiny and smooth within a day.  🙂

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Lakme Absolute – Purple Plunge

This is my first colour from Lakme absolute range. When I first saw this bottle in print I felt it was good looking but very imparctical packing. Proved wrong but happy. The cap is tapered and slightly rough for good hold. The brush is short and wide but some how works well with the cap and the polish.

The colour Purple plunge is basically lavender with silver glitter. it dries smooth and shiny and yes fast. The 40 second time is just about right. The formula though was not great. It went patchy all the way to fourth coat . I can still see bald spots but being foil-esque it doesn’t look odd or obvious. I am just nit picking because this for all reasons this is a great product from Lakme. That makes me very happy! Our very own Lakme!

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Orly Goth

I am not a glitter polish fan. But I like Orly Goth. Goth is a black polish with tiny silver glitter scattered through out. This polish reminds me of my night sky drawings from long ago , like really long ago. 🙂

It was not the best formula though. It took me three coats and I was not happy with the end result. But then my nails are super short right now and my hand was particularly unsteady while painting , so I need to try again and may be put better pictures later.

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Two weddings ,two weeks, two hours of sleep a day and too much fun. I am glad I survived but I am TIRED. Fatigue is set deep in my bones and I have tons of pending paperwork and other things to do.

Couple of good nights sleep should cure me but till then I will roam the zombie lanes.

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