Lakme Absolute – Purple Plunge

This is my first colour from Lakme absolute range. When I first saw this bottle in print I felt it was good looking but very imparctical packing. Proved wrong but happy. The cap is tapered and slightly rough for good hold. The brush is short and wide but some how works well with the cap and the polish.

The colour Purple plunge is basically lavender with silver glitter. it dries smooth and shiny and yes fast. The 40 second time is just about right. The formula though was not great. It went patchy all the way to fourth coat . I can still see bald spots but being foil-esque it doesn’t look odd or obvious. I am just nit picking because this for all reasons this is a great product from Lakme. That makes me very happy! Our very own Lakme!

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10 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute – Purple Plunge

  1. I felt the bottle looks similar to L’oreal resist & shine, but its cap was removable

  2. Nirah

    I think if you start to look for it yes there is a similarity but otherwise this is very different. For one it is prettier, also the fat cap is easy to work with, unlike the ugly black plastic cap Loreal has, once we remove the golden cover.

    PS: I paid 500 for Loreal resist and shine (when it was first launched) and it was a bad polish, I still hold the grudge 😛

  3. this shade definitely looks good on you. I like the 40 seconds drying power. I bought lakme color crush nail paints but this looks very nice. Will buy it next time. Thanks for sharing. ❤

  4. Krupa

    wow..thts a gorgeous colour nirah 🙂

  5. This is pretty !

  6. Nirah

    Yes it is Bhumika 🙂

  7. gorgeous color! But looks lavender to me :/ why do companies have issues with naming their products?

  8. Nirah

    Exactly! It is lavender. Where is the purple to plunge into!! 😛

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