Holo heart!


Its here! My valentines mani! 😀 Little things-great joy! I did this in a rush (as usual) and it shows. But I still like it. Also it looks atleast ten times better in person than here. I hope I will remember to re-do this mani . I really like the negative space nails, and for the first time in years (seriously!) my nails are not stained, so I dont feel bad showing them. Hurray to that!


“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
― Dr. Seuss”


“To say “I love you” one must know first how to say the “I”.”
― Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead


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Pastels & Dots

Lotus Deep Sea, Orly Lemonade, Lotus Pink Doll, Orly Gumdrop, Rimmel Lively Lilac


This is another one that has been sitting in the drafts folder forever. As soon as I was done dotting I knew something was off. When I uploaded the pics I realised the dots were little too big. Smaller dots would have looked more balanced/appropriate with my nubs.

So today I made a redo folder, where I put pictures of the mani I want to do again. I am afraid that includes almost all the ones I have done. 😛

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Tri-angled Copy


I fell in love with this mani by Chalkboard Nails.So this is my sad little version, which I happen to love. I am a big fan of geometric prints.So this is right up my alley. I will re do this again.


The polishes I used were Orly Lemonade, Lotus Pink Doll & Deep Sea


Let’s not call this spring-y. 😀

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Orly Gumdrop

The only reason I did not buy this polish earlier is because I don’t like mini bottles. I love this colour but it is pain to apply. The thin tiny brush doesn’t help. I think a bigger brush would have meant less strokes thus less streaky-ness.

I’d still say Gumdrop is  worth the trouble. Stylecraze Please! the full size bottles!

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Orly Lemonade

Orly Lemonade is a beautiful yellow pastel. It is so stark against my skin that  my hands look dark but never dull. I love this polish. I wish it had better formula but I was prepared, being yellow and pastel I did not have high hope any way. The colour is so much fun and it makes me crave for holidays. *Sigh!* I am definitely taking this along on the next one! 🙂

PS: I am sick and I hope I have written coherent sentences above.



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Orly Star Spangled

The pictures just give an idea of what this polish is but the true magic happens on the nails. Star Spangled is a deep red jelly with glitter that dances at every given chance. It looks like a red jelly and glitter sandwich. The glitter glows in the jelly but never overtakes it. I am in love with this polish and have had it on my hand almost every other week, which is a rarity.

in sunlight

I hope Stylecraze will get the full size Orly bottles and some more collections. And when and if they do I hope I can find Star Spangled there.

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Orly Goth

I am not a glitter polish fan. But I like Orly Goth. Goth is a black polish with tiny silver glitter scattered through out. This polish reminds me of my night sky drawings from long ago , like really long ago. 🙂

It was not the best formula though. It took me three coats and I was not happy with the end result. But then my nails are super short right now and my hand was particularly unsteady while painting , so I need to try again and may be put better pictures later.

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