Jessica Casablanca

Pretty Meh actually. Layla multireflex would cost just as much and prove to be more versatile. It took three very thin, quick drying coats. But where is the pink, purple and blue glitter that I saw in the bottle? Whats the use of keeping it in the bottle? It has to show up on my nails.

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6 thoughts on “Jessica Casablanca

  1. You bought this? I checked it out but it was seriously over priced( Yes yes I know I am saying that but still!) Buy the NYX carnival from stylecraze…decently priced and it looks so glittery<3

  2. Nirah

    It was bad enough that I bought it why remind me. 😦

    Nyx Carnival is little OTT. Okay I know, I have no business saying that !! 😛
    But worry not I ordered others.

  3. This looks a bit like NYX Deep space na…. I want that one and Dorothy so badly 😦

    • Nirah

      They are similar in that they both are glitter in dark base, but Deep space is more jelly-ish and glitter is bigger and more prominent. plus its cheaper so all in all deep space is a better bet any day.
      I hope you get them soon 🙂

  4. Hey!!

    I have nominated your blog for the versatile blog award ❤

    check it out over here :

    Keep the good work going gurl! 🙂



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