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Inglot 202

A flakie topcoat from Inglot. This was on my wishlist for long long time- Forever. I used the Majorbrands sale and bought this. Then I waited forever because no polish was good enough for this topcoat. Then came Roxo and I brought this baby out. I could just put a disclamier on all posts saying my photography sucks because this so much more lively in person.

After buying all these gorgeous polishes from Viviana, Lotus and Coloroma, the price for this hurts a little, even after the sale. But only till I have a look at it. I love this to bits. It needs a good glossy topcoat as well because it dries a little matte.

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Coloroma-Roxo Metallico

This polish chides me for my sloppy camera skills. Roxo Metallico is a purple metallic  with pink and blue/purple glitter. The glitter makes the polish so dynamic and I wasted a good 10minutes admiring it in all kinds of light (In some alternate world I am professional time killer). I did three coats, two would have been fine. The polish is thin and spreads easily. The brush is little umm..bushy(?) for my liking. They could trim it down a little. But hey I am nitpicking. I got this for Rs.82 from Goodlife but I think its sold out there.It is available at 365.

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Revlon-Plum Delux

Okay,in the picture  it looks slightly lighter  than it is . Plum delux is a nice rich plum colour that looks great on my hand. But the colour is the only nice thing. I am positive I got a bad bottle. The brush is horrible. The polish is thick . I did three coats and it still has bald patches. I dont like three coats with thick polish, thats recipe for chipping .

My luck with plum colour has been bad. I ordered one from Viviana and it is actually red, (hey it rhymes!!) the kind Lakme did years ago, red with gold and copper shimmer. And this one though is great colour I am not so sure I will use it much. Good enough reason to look for more. 😛

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Essie-Vanity Fairest

I cant make up my mind about this one. I like it on my hands. Its like a palette cleanser. But it is little blah in the pictures and little blah in the bottle. I force myself to pick it up. It has been sitting with me forever and I think this is only the third time I have put it on. It has very pretty shimmer that this picture doesn’t show. Anyway, its not something I’d like to pay 400+ for. But it is pretty. Okay! I cant make up my mind!!

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Inxs- Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow

Here I am, lost in the ashes of time, but who owns tomorrow?
In between the longing to hold you again
I’m caught in your shadow, I’m losing control
My mind drifts away, we only have today

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Coloroma Black + Layla Multireflex 185 & 187

LOVE !!!!

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Deborah- Shine Tech 36

This is the most disappointing bottle of polish EVER!! The polish in the bottle is very promising but it is so flat on the nails. Plus why did they call it Shine Tech?  It dries pretty dull. Did I say disappointing!!


But atleast it looks beautiful in pictures. Also I should try this again when my nails are little longer.I want to try this on black to see if it fares any better.

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Maybelline Coloroma- ?


This polish has no name on it. I think it is Rosa Crystal but there is good chance I am wrong. So this one time I will just say’what’s in a name!’. It is a lovely soft, shimmery ,pearly beauty. Of the polishes I bought recently this one is the easiest to apply. The bottle says something like maxima duration, so I am hoping it will stay more than two days.

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