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In The Shawdows- The Rasmus

I dont remember what I was doing (may be killing time!) but I came across this song. I havent heard this for years but I had this song on my playlist for a very long time, long ago. Damn! How old am I !! Well I did add another year this month, so old-er. 😛

Lately I been walking walking in circles, watching waiting for something 
Feel me touch me heal me, come take me higher 

I’ve been watching 
I’ve been waiting 
In the shadows all my time 
I’ve been searching 
I’ve been living 
For tomorrows all my life 
I’ve been watching 
I’ve been waiting 
I’ve been searching 
I’ve been living for tomorrows 

In the shadows 

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Revlon- Steel Her Heart

When I saw this bottle at Shoppers Stop I knew I had seen it somewhere. But that was not the reason I bought it. I have been on lookout for a flattering grey polish for a very long time. I love grey but it can look very dull on me,  be it polish or clothes or shoes.

Revlon Steel her heart is different. It is a lovely steel grey. I am terrible at defining anything but I think under the sun it shows a tiny bit of green but indoors it is just a very pretty steel grey. I am positive I am getting another bottle of this.

Oh! a little googling led me to Chanel Black Pearl. It is supposedly a dupe for Black Pearl. I dont know about that nor do I intend to find out. I just love this polish.

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Viviana- Party Exotica

My hands are in terrible condition. But atleast my house is shiny sparkly. Ha!

This is Party Exoctica-Viviana. I have three Viviana  polishes. I love this one the most. It is green with lots of yellow in it. But for some reason it will not show its true colours to my camera. Now I have to say I love the colour my camera captured  even more and need to find a bottle.

Maybe Outrageous sky, but that one looks more blue. But then Viviana swacthes on the site are very off.The stunning sensuality I bought is actually red with gold shimmer (if I remember it right).

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Revlon- Berry Jewelled

Bah! So much for a bottle named Berry Jewelled. I lost interest mid way. Even the polish knows that. I think I will layer it over a deeper red next time.

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Revlon Belle

I had ordered Revlon Belle from HKart. It came today and as much as I loved 243 I had to try Belle. The polish in the bottle is beyond pretty. I don’t like Revlon cap. It makes the whole bottle look cheap. I am not much into glitter polishes, mostly because they are a pain to get off the nails. I am so worried about that middle finger. But it does make for a fun sight as of now.

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Lakme 243

Lakme True Colours 243. I love this colour. Purple with blue shimmer. It is easy to paint with and is pretty glossy on its own. The more I see these pictures, the more I love it. 😀

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I love me some sheer colours. This is two coats of Coloroma Perla and two coats of Tips & Toes Tunis. Tunis is such a gorgeous colour. T&T have my attention. I seriously need to check more shades.

Tunis reminds me of Layla Multi reflex. This layering also reminds me of Essie polishes.

It makes me happy.

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Colorbar- Perplexing

This is my second Colorbar Nail polish. Quick finish – Perplexing. Well perplexing it was This was an online purchase. I expected it to be creme but it turned out to be frosty.  It is a delicate colour but applies well. Kind of boring though.

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Lotus- Cherry Crush

My nails have been through a trauma, Diwali Cleaning trauma.It is ongoing,actually.

I have Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Cherry Crush on today. This is a shade I love on my toes, on my hands not so much. It reminds me of an era, I want to forget all about.Hehe

It does make my hands look brighter, but I don’t think I can keep it for more than a day.

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“Sometimes you’ve got to jump off cliffs and grow wings on the way down.”


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