Zoya Veruschka

Deepika  reminded me of mattes, which lie abandoned in my boxes. I have been unable to make up my mind about matte polishes. A matte nail polish is different- good different or bad different, I am unsure. To me it is just a little too attention seeking to take it seriously. 😛  That should tell how I feel about crackle polish. I don’t even own one, I am that disinterested.

Coming to this lovely green, it is  Zoya Veruschka  from Velvet matte collection, which is the best description for the texture and feel of this polish. The colour is deep green with shimmer, which saves it from becoming flat and boring.

When I first bought it I dismissed it immediately (why did I buy it! No idea). It was too stark against my skin and not something I am used to. I put a glossy coat over it and fell in love with the  deep, rich, festive green.

So I came back to it but this time did not apply the mandatory glossy coat.And  I have to admit it has grown on me. Though I can bet I will have it shiny and smooth within a day.  🙂

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12 thoughts on “Zoya Veruschka

  1. I have a very good idea about what to do with these but I don’t think I can explain in words:/

  2. Nirah

    I am sure you can, try 😀

    • Okay! I will try, what you do is you get something similar in glossy finish (you can definitely use a different contrasting shade but I prefer same shade) Now, apply glossy shade as the base and apply this on top of it but leave the tips.Alternatively, apply this to cover half of the nail:D

      • Nirah

        Yes I get it. You mean something like contrast finish?
        I have been thinking about that as well. But more by way of taping. Knowing me, I may never get around to doing it.

  3. Krupa

    matte nail colours r just awesome..btw whts the price??

  4. Nirah

    you like mattes! 🙂
    It is around 400/- at BLAB.

  5. Krupa

    man thts a way too pricey for a nail colour…but i guess its worth it..n yeah man am kinda fed up of glossy nail colours…matts luk kinda diff u know 😉

  6. Nirah

    Couldnt agree more. It is darn expensive. But worth it. I can easily do just a coat of this. But I have to be careful and patient so I just go ahead and do two quick ones. 😀

  7. Krupa

    hehe…i can understand 😀

  8. Beautiful beautiful shade, I love green and matte both 🙂
    but its a bit pricey…:(

  9. Nirah

    I am with you Divya. It is very beautiful and very expensive!

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