One for the Crimson Red!

Lotus Herbals Crimson Red, Sally Hansen Black Out, Nyx Dark Glitter

I have a cousin who is crazy about the red-black pairing. She’d love these. I like them too. What I do not like is the cleanup. Now to the gradient. I am working on it. I should have a good one by the end of month…or by the end of next month. 😛


And something totally unexpected happened while I was doing the gradient. I have my first completely used up bottle of polish. It felt good scooping the last bit of polish. Well timed too,as I was doing a gradient.I am not big red polish person, I think this was the only true red creme polish I had and it was only 8ml. which explains how managed to finish it. Anyway! There was never a better reason to buy a new polish. Huh?! 🙂

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NYX Dark Glitter

Two coats of Dark Glitter over Black


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Colorama,NYX, Inglot

Colorama Black

Inglot XL7

NYX Girls Under the Moon

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NYX Emerald forest

This is a gorgeous polish, no doubt. But it is little too much glitter for my liking and yes I will hate the removal. The best part of course is that I got it from Stylecraze sale and the price makes me very happy. Much love Stylecraze!

I have two coats here and three would have been better for complete covearge but……yes the removal scared me. This is going to be a great layering polish,though I have to add its not very sheer .

I have NYX Under the Moon (it is sold out on Stylecraze, I guess) layered over pink on my toes and I am in love with that combination.

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