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OPI Lucerne-tainly look marvelous & Inglot flakies

Inglot Flakies over two coats of OPI Lucerne-tainly look marvelous.

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Zoya Pinta

Two Coats. No top coat.

Zoya describes Pinta as “Dark purple creme with very strong blue undertones. This dramatic vampy purple is a new twist on dark nails.”

So there it is. A blurple, that applies like a dream and dries so glossy I cant stop staring at it just for that. I love Pinta!!

Purple Pinta 😀

Blue Pinta 😀

Pinta is also a close cousin of my other favourite Lotus Herbals Plum Delight. Pinta has blue-er base and Plum Delight has redder base. So why do I have both!? I love both, which should explain why I have both. NO?!!

Okay!I bought Pinta first and then I saw Plum delight which, at 100 bucks was too good to pass. Better! 😀

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Lakme Misty Grey

Its nice that we can now buy more brands than ever before when it comes to nail polish. (Though its not nice that we never get the newer collection here ).

But nothing makes me happier and prouder, as a nail polish enthusiast ( who said addict?!!) to see the local home grown brands (Lakme, Viviana, Lotus Herbals) coming up with wider range of colors and finishes. And if I can sometimes find colors that I never expect  them to do and then to find that its done rather well, I am the happiest person!!

Lakme has been doing well for last few years. The Fast & Fabulous range is another step in right direction for them. And Misty Grey is perfect example of everything that I have written here.  Lakme you did good!!

Misty Grey is a beautiful blue grey/ grey blue (? :D) cream (it looks slightly more blue here). It needs two to three coats. Two can do if you go for generous coats. Its has reasonably good drying time, even with thicker coats.

To me Misty Grey is as Fast & Fabulous as Lakme says. I adore the color!!

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OPI Suzi says Feng shui and Essie Steeling the scene

This one is from the Hongkong collection(2010). It needs two coats and dries shiny. Thats all I want from a polish!A nice and easy color in my box.

After a day or so I did the tips with Essie Steeling the scene. Only because I had the polish and time in hand and I didn’t want to remove Suzi says Feng shui.
Steeling the scene is a great color with brushstroke issues which totally steals the fun out of this polish. Other than that I love the color.

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Colorbar Orange Mimosa


Colobar Orange Mimosa is waste of time and money in a bottle. A very gorgeous orange but this is four coats in the picture above. Four coats!!! I no need you Orange Mimosa!

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BK Holo 02

I chanted “holo holo” for months. Lucky that I had friends who were doing just the same (strength in numbers :D). So the chanting worked and this lovely and talented friend of mine got me my first holo polishes. KJ you rock!! 😀

And just as I received these polishes the sun went on vacation. No kidding! So I put these babies (at 6ml these are babies) away and waited and waited and waited. And then waited for my nails to grow a teeny bit to be able to do some justice to the gorgeous polishes. I think I did the right thing because when I finally painted my nails with the pink holo, it just made everything perfect. The bad throat too.

I havent slept in two days so excuse the rambling. 😀

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a england Galahad

a england!!! Galahad! I will not waste any time in describing this polish. It is perfect. 



BK Holo over Galahad

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Metallic & Some Like it Haute


Two coats of Revlon Top Speed Metallic and Two coats of China Glaze Some Like It Haute (over black)on accent finger.

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