NYX Emerald forest

This is a gorgeous polish, no doubt. But it is little too much glitter for my liking and yes I will hate the removal. The best part of course is that I got it from Stylecraze sale and the price makes me very happy. Much love Stylecraze!

I have two coats here and three would have been better for complete covearge but……yes the removal scared me. This is going to be a great layering polish,though I have to add its not very sheer .

I have NYX Under the Moon (it is sold out on Stylecraze, I guess) layered over pink on my toes and I am in love with that combination.

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18 thoughts on “NYX Emerald forest

  1. pretty color Nirah 🙂 🙂
    but yah apt for festive season or nail art cos of it being so glittery 🙂

  2. Nirah

    It is never going to be work appropriate 😛
    But I just dont like glitter polishes in general.

  3. Pretty color indeed! When a polish is too sparkly for my taste, its always great with crackle black polish 😉

  4. Lovely. Eager to see more reviews of the Girl Nail polishes 🙂

  5. Agree… NYX in India at this price is amazing and most welcome 🙂
    I like the color, I can wear any shade n glitter when it comes to Nail paints only 😀

    Under the moon, was it available in sale kya ?

  6. Nirah

    As ridiculous as it will sound I will go ahead and say Glitter is boring .:P

    Under the moon was mis spelled as under the neon or something, though I have not checked the bottle and it is out of stock at stylecraze so am not sure. I can check order details but am lazy. Let me know if you need the info. 🙂

  7. We have similar tastes!! I was thinking about getting this too rest is a long storyyy

  8. Love this color Nirah…very soothing :)…and Happy New Year!! 🙂

  9. its very very pretty….

  10. lovely color!! wasnt it a pain to take it off? 😛

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