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This is from a few days ago. Around Easter. I have couple more manis in drafts and then I think it will be break. I am moving house next month. Our new house is almost ready. That is where I have been busy, choosing door handles and curtains and what not. It has been tiring but I am really happy with everything. The worst part begins now though. Packing everything and then the unpacking. Ugh!


Now to this mani, it was copied (badly :P) from the very talented Thecraftyninja, whom I follow on Instagram. Actually I like this mani, just that I think I overdid the dots. I was going for a clean-er look. I absolutely love the colors though.

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Black Illusion


I am back. The nubs are back .Saran wrap marble is back too. 🙂 What’s absolutely new is LA Girl Black Illusion, a gorgeous black holo. I wish I had taken better pictures because this mani was really lovely in person.

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