The negative space nail art is definitely my favourite at the moment. If only I had little more time , I’d be playing with tape and polish all day. Its so much fun!!


The blue polish in this mani is Bourjois 1seconde Bleu moonlight. Its a gem. A true one coater. I have just one coat here. It dries fast and glossy too. The other is Corail magique. Another favourite of mine.

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Beige Germanicure

Bourjois Beige & OPI German-icure

These two polishes look beautiful together. I wish I had been more meticulous while placing the tape. The whole point of taping to get the perfect sharp lines. Since I didn’t, I had to remove it almost immediately.The obsessive compulsiveness wins, almost every time! 😛


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Revlon Duke Blue

Duke blue
Revlon Duke Blue 2 coats


Great formula! Gorgeous color. Again that ultra-shy shimmer. It stained my nails.Ugh!!


Revlon- Duke Blue, Electric, Colada Fizz
Just because they were all sitting together. 🙂

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Essie-Vanity Fairest

I cant make up my mind about this one. I like it on my hands. Its like a palette cleanser. But it is little blah in the pictures and little blah in the bottle. I force myself to pick it up. It has been sitting with me forever and I think this is only the third time I have put it on. It has very pretty shimmer that this picture doesn’t show. Anyway, its not something I’d like to pay 400+ for. But it is pretty. Okay! I cant make up my mind!!

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