Lady Luck & the white knight

Sally Hansen Lady Luck
I dont remember which white polish I used here, so this one time I will say- a white is a white is white. Ha! I love white. I love white a little too much actually.


One of these days I will go ahead and fix the lighting for my pictures. So that I can be happy with my posts. Or I will soon write a disclaimer in the sidebar- All polishes look better in person. All pictures on this blog suck are misleading.

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Shy flowers


Chambor Intense 472, China Glaze Spontaneous

I picked up a new polish from Chambor. A very pretty and very glossy coral creme. I was so enamored by it that I dared to do a gradient again. Yup! Gradients make me nervous. 😛 This one turned out okay till I topcoated it. The topcoat somehow washed away the purple because I am very sure it looked darker earlier. Stranger things have happened so I will let this one pass. 😉


I am in love with the accent.I rarely ever feel that way about my nails, so yes strangeness continues. 😛


And the lazy people at Chambor should have named the polishes!! A number! Really!?

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The happy Rose buds

When I sat down to do my nails today, I had no idea what I wanted to do. So I picked up Jo. Then picked up two acrylic colors, one of which I was sure was eggplant. It was blue. But I am very happy with the end result. Even the messy Rose buds look right, to me anyway. 😀

Zoya Jo & acrylics


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Pink flowers


I was not happy with these initially. Once I took all the pics I almost hated it. But then It grew on me. And I really really like it now, on day two.


The pictures are little off. The flowers are actually darker and opaque in real.

Sally Hansen White On, Lotus Playful Pink, Colorama Verde Palmeira

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Victorian Crush

Jessica Victorian Crush, Two coats. No topcoat.
Its gem of a polish! It covered almost perfectly in one coat. I love coaters, even though I never leave it at that. 😛

By the time I was done, the clouds took over the sky and I was left with these dull pictures. Bah!

The other polish I used is OPI My Japanese Rose Garden.

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Adora Bleu

Borjois Adora Bleu, Colorbar Exclusive 44

I almost did not buy Adora Bleu. And I am so glad I did.I am not a big fan of blue polishes but this one is beautiful, delicate and stunning.

I wasnt kidding when I said I am obsessed with flowers right now. 😀

Think it looks better matte.


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