Gloss & Matte


My daughter picked these polishes for me. Actually I shut the box after the first three polishes she picked, I dont think she would have stopped at three or four or five. The more the merrier 🙂 But it was so much fun.


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Glittering again

Lotus Crimson Red, W7 Gold Dazzle, Barry M Yellow Topaz

I never got time to finish this one. I wanted to do the jelly glitter layering on all nails. And even though all these polishes dry fast I could do only one. It annoyed me much so I removed it in the car itself. Removal wasn’t fun.

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Royal Trixie

Trixie is one of my favourite polishes ever. I love it. It has great formula too. If I am in hurry I just do a quick one coat and it covers well, dries fast, looks neat and stunning.


Revlon Royal. Two coats. Its alright. Nothing special.

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Sally Hansen Purple pizazz


Sally Hansen Purple Pizazz two coats (?) over a coat of Lotus plum delight

This is a great purple polish. This polish deserves more praise. But I am so tired, its better if I don’t try. 😛


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Colorful White

First I wanted white nails. Then I thought about Dandy lyin’ around, so I added white shimmer. Then I wanted to add some color. Ha! So the multi color glitter.


Then I wanted a jelly sandwich so I put a layer of sheer white. And I wanted to see how it looked matte. So there…..


Then I got busy, which was a good thing actually. 😛

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Jelly sandwich


Coloroma Zarzamora 2-3 coats. China Glaze Some like it Haute for the accent layering.

You cant not like it! 😀

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Colorbar Crystal Calm & layering

Two coats of my favourite gold-Colorbar Crystal calm. And layering/jelly sandwich on the accent finger. I dont exactly know which polishes I used. There was Inglot Holo topcoat and some other polishes.

This I guess is my Diwali manicure. Today is Diwali,the festival of light, the grandest of all Hindu festivals. A perfectly good reason to overdress and over eat and stress about all the little things. Oh wait! the last one is just me. 😛
Happy Diwali 🙂

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Lotus- Playfull Pink

Lotus Playfull Pink. Two coats.

Playfull Pink is a bright glossy pink, with good formula, and reasonable drying time. And its the perfect colour for the grey rainy days.

Lotus Colour Dews are Toulene & DBP free polishes which come for around Rs. 100/- (around $2).  I love these.

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Colorama,NYX, Inglot

Colorama Black

Inglot XL7

NYX Girls Under the Moon

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Orly Star Spangled

The pictures just give an idea of what this polish is but the true magic happens on the nails. Star Spangled is a deep red jelly with glitter that dances at every given chance. It looks like a red jelly and glitter sandwich. The glitter glows in the jelly but never overtakes it. I am in love with this polish and have had it on my hand almost every other week, which is a rarity.

in sunlight

I hope Stylecraze will get the full size Orly bottles and some more collections. And when and if they do I hope I can find Star Spangled there.

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