Black Illusion


I am back. The nubs are back .Saran wrap marble is back too. 🙂 What’s absolutely new is LA Girl Black Illusion, a gorgeous black holo. I wish I had taken better pictures because this mani was really lovely in person.

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I needed a happy color and I chose yellow. Okay now I will go back to my fudge brownie. 🙂


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Lady Luck & the white knight

Sally Hansen Lady Luck
I dont remember which white polish I used here, so this one time I will say- a white is a white is white. Ha! I love white. I love white a little too much actually.


One of these days I will go ahead and fix the lighting for my pictures. So that I can be happy with my posts. Or I will soon write a disclaimer in the sidebar- All polishes look better in person. All pictures on this blog suck are misleading.

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The happy Rose buds

When I sat down to do my nails today, I had no idea what I wanted to do. So I picked up Jo. Then picked up two acrylic colors, one of which I was sure was eggplant. It was blue. But I am very happy with the end result. Even the messy Rose buds look right, to me anyway. 😀

Zoya Jo & acrylics


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Moonboots to the mall


I did this quick one before heading to the mall. Mall lighting breathes life into the holos. The holo keeps me distracted. The distraction saves me some money.Or at least that’s what I tell myself anyway.

Sally Hansen Black Out & China Glaze Strap on your moonboots


I think the sran wrap looks better with black tips.


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Flowers on the Jet

OPI My Private Jet Two Coats (not the best picture)


OPI My Private Jet; Acrylic colors

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Colorbar Crystal Calm & layering

Two coats of my favourite gold-Colorbar Crystal calm. And layering/jelly sandwich on the accent finger. I dont exactly know which polishes I used. There was Inglot Holo topcoat and some other polishes.

This I guess is my Diwali manicure. Today is Diwali,the festival of light, the grandest of all Hindu festivals. A perfectly good reason to overdress and over eat and stress about all the little things. Oh wait! the last one is just me. 😛
Happy Diwali 🙂

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BK Holo 02

I chanted “holo holo” for months. Lucky that I had friends who were doing just the same (strength in numbers :D). So the chanting worked and this lovely and talented friend of mine got me my first holo polishes. KJ you rock!! 😀

And just as I received these polishes the sun went on vacation. No kidding! So I put these babies (at 6ml these are babies) away and waited and waited and waited. And then waited for my nails to grow a teeny bit to be able to do some justice to the gorgeous polishes. I think I did the right thing because when I finally painted my nails with the pink holo, it just made everything perfect. The bad throat too.

I havent slept in two days so excuse the rambling. 😀

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a england Galahad

a england!!! Galahad! I will not waste any time in describing this polish. It is perfect. 



BK Holo over Galahad

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