Perfect matte


I love nude & gold together. I wear this combination quite often. It is simple and stunning at the same time.And easy. I put a matte topcoat this time and love the end result. Perfect!!


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Black & White

Natural light

This one came out nice. I picked the colors based on the skirt I was wearing and kept it simple. And I am so thrilled I finally got to click in natural light. 😀

Artificial light

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The Quick-fix


I am so happy to be posting again. This here is a funny quick fix. I had to go somewhere and had significant tip wear on OPI Lucertainely Marvelous. So picked up two colors and a dotting tool and this is what I ended up with. It doesnt look that bad in these pictures. Or does it?!


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Silver lining


Revlon Metallic and Plum Delux


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Coloroma-Roxo Metallico

This polish chides me for my sloppy camera skills. Roxo Metallico is a purple metallic  with pink and blue/purple glitter. The glitter makes the polish so dynamic and I wasted a good 10minutes admiring it in all kinds of light (In some alternate world I am professional time killer). I did three coats, two would have been fine. The polish is thin and spreads easily. The brush is little umm..bushy(?) for my liking. They could trim it down a little. But hey I am nitpicking. I got this for Rs.82 from Goodlife but I think its sold out there.It is available at 365.

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