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Baby steps!



This mani here is not much but baby steps will do for now. I really don’t remember much. There is a white, a black. That grey is from OPI. I have love-hate relationship with it. It goes from smooth and perfect one time to streaky and impossible next time. If I didnt know better I’d say I have two bottles of the same polish. Weird, huh!? Any thoughts? That glitter topper China Glaze Boo-gie Down. Love it!


Now I really really want to do a nice valentine mani. Dear God of time! please relent, give me an extra hour today! 🙂

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Merry Christmas!


I did these last month! Exactly a month ago! I cant seem to catch a breath. I hope it doent take me this long to post the other one.


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This looked infinitely cool in person. Or atleast that is what I remember. 😛 I love flakies and as painful as the Revlon flakies are they do look gorgeous.


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The color scheme for this one comes from the same skirt as this one. I think its an interesting combination. I enjoyed doing this one.


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Black & White

Natural light

This one came out nice. I picked the colors based on the skirt I was wearing and kept it simple. And I am so thrilled I finally got to click in natural light. 😀

Artificial light

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One for the Crimson Red!

Lotus Herbals Crimson Red, Sally Hansen Black Out, Nyx Dark Glitter

I have a cousin who is crazy about the red-black pairing. She’d love these. I like them too. What I do not like is the cleanup. Now to the gradient. I am working on it. I should have a good one by the end of month…or by the end of next month. 😛


And something totally unexpected happened while I was doing the gradient. I have my first completely used up bottle of polish. It felt good scooping the last bit of polish. Well timed too,as I was doing a gradient.I am not big red polish person, I think this was the only true red creme polish I had and it was only 8ml. which explains how managed to finish it. Anyway! There was never a better reason to buy a new polish. Huh?! 🙂

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Lady Luck & the white knight

Sally Hansen Lady Luck
I dont remember which white polish I used here, so this one time I will say- a white is a white is white. Ha! I love white. I love white a little too much actually.


One of these days I will go ahead and fix the lighting for my pictures. So that I can be happy with my posts. Or I will soon write a disclaimer in the sidebar- All polishes look better in person. All pictures on this blog suck are misleading.

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Today is India’s Independence Day and I wanted to do my nails for the day. But then I was visited by the not so lovely and never welcome throat infection. Bah! Anyway I somehow managed these. Not bad,eh! 🙂


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Pink flowers


I was not happy with these initially. Once I took all the pics I almost hated it. But then It grew on me. And I really really like it now, on day two.


The pictures are little off. The flowers are actually darker and opaque in real.

Sally Hansen White On, Lotus Playful Pink, Colorama Verde Palmeira

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Moonboots to the mall


I did this quick one before heading to the mall. Mall lighting breathes life into the holos. The holo keeps me distracted. The distraction saves me some money.Or at least that’s what I tell myself anyway.

Sally Hansen Black Out & China Glaze Strap on your moonboots


I think the sran wrap looks better with black tips.


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