Snow White and the Colors


Viviana Snow White, Zoya Pippa, Colobar Orange Mimosa, Colorbat Exclusive 44, Barry M Yellow Topaz


I did this last week. But it took me a while to get over the trauma that was- clean up. It took me longer to clean up than it took to do all the nails. But once I got past that I loved the mani.

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Orange is the color


It took me good ten minutes to remember which polishes I used. I think I am more or less asleep. πŸ˜›


Oh! I used Colorbar Fire, Zoya Paz and Colorbar Orange Mimosa.

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Adora Bleu

Borjois Adora Bleu, Colorbar Exclusive 44

I almost did not buy Adora Bleu. And I am so glad I did.I am not a big fan of blue polishes but this one is beautiful, delicate and stunning.

I wasnt kidding when I said I am obsessed with flowers right now. πŸ˜€

Think it looks better matte.


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Party Flowers

Viviana Party Exotica & Colorbar Fire

Party Exotica is such a lovely green but the camera makes it look more blue than it is. Those flowers I made with a toothpick after I saw a YouTube tutorial.Incredibly easy! πŸ˜€


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Blued Pink

Colorbar Exclusive 44, 3 coats

Stunning!! Right?
It is my favourite pink at the moment. The formula on this is problematic but manageable.Its dries darker on nails than in the bottle also it is tad more coral-y in real life than this picture shows.


Awful sponging apart, I loved this mani and I love these two polishes together. They need to be dot-ted together. πŸ˜› Very soon


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Colorbar Fire

2-3 coats
Fire is a beautiful red orange with orange flecks.



up close. πŸ™‚

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Saran wrap


Zoya Julieanne and Colorbar Perplexing


I like this better than my last attempt. Also I like these two polishes together. I wanted to see how it would look mattified. Looks very neat in my head. But I was in mood for a super glossy mani. So both the nails with saran effect have two coats of glossy top coat. πŸ˜›


Here is a look at the fabulousness of Julieanne!!

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Colorbar Crystal Calm & layering

Two coats of my favourite gold-Colorbar Crystal calm. And layering/jelly sandwich on the accent finger. I dont exactly know which polishes I used. There was Inglot Holo topcoat and some other polishes.

This I guess is my Diwali manicure. Today is Diwali,the festival of light, the grandest of all Hindu festivals. A perfectly good reason to overdress and over eat and stress about all the little things. Oh wait! the last one is just me. πŸ˜›
Happy Diwali πŸ™‚

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Colorbar Orange Mimosa


Colobar Orange Mimosa is waste of time and money in a bottle. A very gorgeous orange but this is four coats in the picture above. Four coats!!! I no need you Orange Mimosa!

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Colorbar- Perplexing

This is my second Colorbar Nail polish. Quick finish – Perplexing. Well perplexing it was This was an online purchase. I expected it to be creme but it turned out to be frosty. Β It is a delicate colour but applies well. Kind of boring though.

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