Neon pop


What I had in mind was a neutral beige base with the slightest hint of neon here and there. This is lot more than slight, but its okay.


The thumb,I didn’t know what to do with it. It looks funny, I think. 😀

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Pretty in pink..

..with a dash of silver.
Thats pretty much what I was looking for when I sat down for this mani. Initially I wanted to use tape, but as is the story of my life these days I was short on time so it was all freehand. Its not bad,eh!?


A-england Iseult, Lotus Playful Pink, Revlon Metallic



Now I go back to watching Hunger Games! 🙂

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Copy. Test. Fail.

There is a common theme in all these manis. None of them wanted to be here. But there are only so many pictures you can keep between the keep’em-chuck’em folders. 😛


This one comes from Lucy’s Stash. I memorized the dot placement as well. LOL. Did this well past midnight in low light, had no idea where the polish was going! I woke up to see what a mess it was. 😀 I really want to do this again in pink, white and purple.

Unimaginative and blah! But but but….I saw a post on One Nail to Rule Them All (Cool Blog Name!) where she used gel pen. Gel Pen!!!I had to try it pronto. I hunted all the gel pens I had lying around and went around testing. Brilliant idea this one!!

I wanted to get a hang of this gel pen, but the base was not completely dry. Hence I had to keep my hand light. Well light and steady isnt happening here anytime soon. SO next time I will work on my patience. Tough one that too!! The pointer and pinky again a tutorial from Lucy’s Stash. 🙂

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Zoya Trixie & a-england Galahad

a-england Galahad and Zoya Trixie

This is my happy mani. I love both these polishes to bits. The mani itself is simple,easy and fun. All good!
This is actually the third time I have done this type pf mani (it should have a name). I am addicted to it. The possibilities are endless. I want to try a matte & glossy, glitter & creme ,gradient ,rainbow….. 😀


See that last picture. When I saw it I thought ‘heh! it looks glassy’ (see the accent finger) which instantly reminded me of this post on one of my favourite blogs ever. I gasped when I read about the 11 coats. 11 coats!! So I counted how many I did. The accent finger has 10 coats. LOL!!!

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a england Galahad

a england!!! Galahad! I will not waste any time in describing this polish. It is perfect. 



BK Holo over Galahad

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