BK Holo 02

I chanted “holo holo” for months. Lucky that I had friends who were doing just the same (strength in numbers :D). So the chanting worked and this lovely and talented friend of mine got me my first holo polishes. KJ you rock!! 😀

And just as I received these polishes the sun went on vacation. No kidding! So I put these babies (at 6ml these are babies) away and waited and waited and waited. And then waited for my nails to grow a teeny bit to be able to do some justice to the gorgeous polishes. I think I did the right thing because when I finally painted my nails with the pink holo, it just made everything perfect. The bad throat too.

I havent slept in two days so excuse the rambling. 😀

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6 thoughts on “BK Holo 02

  1. OMG!! These looks super fab!! wht did u put underneath? know these look waaaayy better than the hits no olimpo holos I got 😀

    • Hits ki insult kar di ye toh!!! But the polish underneath looks like match made in heaven.

      Btw, I am eating potato wafers
      Once upon a time, I also had the time to paint my nails, now I just do laundry on weekends 😦

      • Nirah

        Once upon a time I ate potato wafers and had fun, now my chillars (yes I know !!) make all sort of faces. They dont like wafers!!! What did I do wrong!!
        And you stop with the food talk!!

    • Nirah

      I think a coat of Its all greek to me opi. But I dont exactly remember. And it doesnt matter actually because BK covers exceptionally well in one thin coat too. So what you see is just the BK. I am so happy with this polish. Its perfect!!
      and you know that last line …Wohooo!!! I no need olimpo!!! 😀

  2. Love these so much…they make me wish the bottles were large buckets instead! Review the base wala shade too na Ni!

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