a england Galahad

a england!!! Galahad! I will not waste any time in describing this polish. It is perfect. 



BK Holo over Galahad

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11 thoughts on “a england Galahad

  1. workplaypolish

    I agree. This polish is perfect. Seriously! 🙂

  2. Now u r gonna make me lust this after the lotus plum :p

  3. Whoaaaa! this was posted on 4th Oct!?? My reader just showed this up! :O

    • Nirah

      Lazy reader! Mine does that too sometimes.

    • mine tooooooooo! It said this post has been posted 2 hours pehle.
      all this makes me want to paint my nail but I have umm…sort of chopped off a section so my nails suddenly become absent…I dunno if that made sense :/

    • Nirah

      Yes yes that made sense. But you can stop making excuses and just paint your nails! High Time!! all those polishes will dry out 😛

  4. Me love this too! One of the few non streaky cremes! 🙂

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