Max Factor Noisette

Noisette has more or less driven me mad. It is a bottle with so much promise. Its a beautiful beautiful  brown with pink and purple shimmer. In the bottle it is beyond gorgeous. But all that shimmer does not show up on the nail . The shimmer gives the polish lot of depth and interest, but it is invisible otherwise, which is where my problem with the polish begin.

This is what it looks like at most times.

when I want it to look like this and then some more. 😀


Somebody tell me about a murky brown with pink purple shimmer. I want! I want!!!

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6 thoughts on “Max Factor Noisette

  1. I really love the pinky purple shimmer to this 🙂

  2. Nirah

    so do I. Just wish it was more visible. 🙂

  3. I checked out the max factor counter yest! Saw this and it looks really nice in bottle. too bad it doesnt transfer much on nails. they also had a nude-taupe creme polish looking very similar minus the shimmer.

  4. Until FnF, I dint even kno max factor made gud nps…such a gavaar I am… But u kno, I kinda like this…wud look really pretty glinting in d sun..

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