Lotus Plum Delight

I know! One more Lotus color dew. But look at that color! Two coats. That’s it.

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8 thoughts on “Lotus Plum Delight

  1. Wow. I barely use nail polish but I saw that picture whilst scrolling and wow. Picture perfect or what? Love the colour too!

  2. Serious Drool! This is my smokey eggplant shade that I m searching. Gonna get get!

  3. Nirah

    Now that you mention I see what is wrong with the first picture. Its not color accurate. Plum Delight is a rich, bright, glossy ,eggplant. The smokeyness is just thanks to camera angel or something.
    (You know I have been looking for smokey deep purple too.)

    And after saying all of that, you still need to get this color. Its is gorgeous!!

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  5. Me no have even one lotus….this in all probability will b my first! 🙂

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