Zoya Happi

Zoya Happi is from my favourite Reverie Collection (Spring 2010). I like how Zoya describe 1=sheer;  5 = opaque.  Ha! I dont do five coats, its insane. But I mostly layer it over other pink polishes. It is reasonably opaque in three coats on its own, formula is good so coverage is even. But as I have the last bit of mehandi stain and because I thought I will finally show the gorgeous on blog I went ahead and did 4-5 coats. Yes!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Zoya Happi

  1. 4-5 coats? I am proud of you!

    • Nirah

      I knew you would be!!
      All those exclamation marks after ‘Yes’ in the post are dedicated to you 😛

  2. Kejal

    Very happi happi happi dil dance maare re!! Me too proud of u. I hav attempted that and had sleepless nights

    • Nirah

      Dont get me started on that song *groan*
      Thank you!!!!! I will have sleepless nights when I run out of SV. I am not even ready to think about it.

  3. SUCH a beautiful colour! 5 coats! Wow…your patient!! and How have I only just discovered that you have a blog?! Where have I been lol

    • Nirah

      Oh yes! I am the patient one! 3hrs in between and finally Seche Vite does it! 😛
      The blog is a hidden treasure 😉
      Nice to see you here 🙂

  4. is it ok that my mouth is hanging open now? y dint u temme bout this post?? y???? this is mine…u can give gumdrop t Emm….ye to mera hokar rahega!

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