The Bah Brigade

Revlon Berry Jeweled-2 coats. Jordana Sweet Orange-3coats. VOV ??-2coats

Berry Jeweled is such a dud I am still mad at whoever named it!

Sweet Orange has  bad formula and I have love-loath relationship with the colour. But it has its days and would have more if the formula wasnt so troublesome.

VOV. Horrible horrible formula. It is streaky, thick, takes forever to dry and then chips.


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14 thoughts on “The Bah Brigade

  1. You should have totally opted for Citrico instead of Jordana…I can’t seem to get over the fact that it is less than 100 bucks in reality and just look at the price these people charge. Berry looks like a foil…is it? and Vov looks nice …how much was this bottle for?

    • Nirah

      Citico Colorama? I agree. I bought it for 130/- something, but still the formula, watery streaky mess.
      No. Berry Jewelled is glitter and very meh type.
      VOV only looks nice it has the worst formula I have ever seen and for 90/- thats even more painful. I mean I can atleast use the other two by layering or being patient, this is a goner!!

  2. I just commented and it went whoosh:O

  3. Kejal

    yeah..all gaaah! I m done with vov for life

    • Nirah

      Me too!! I have a Sparkly TC from VOV. It is disgusting! sparkly disgusting 😛

  4. Kejal

    do u stamp?

  5. gorgeous shades….love them all..i m in search of a perfect orangeeeee!!!

    • Nirah

      They arent the best polishes around but I am glad you like them. 🙂

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