Zoya Avril

This is Zoya Avril. My new love. It is one those oh-so-basic polish, but it looks so lovely and covers perfectly* in two coats. Dries super glossy. I want to paint my toes with it, but …. 😀

I also want to say that I have been gardening extensively and so I cut my nails short and my cuticles look so dry. But that’s a lie, so I will skip. 🙂 I am just going through a horrible nail peeling time 😦 I have not painted my nails in weeks. I havent visited my blog in days.I am hoping the nails will sort themselves out on their own . Is that too much! Hey! I am not hoping for world peace or that I will be able to produce a six course meal on table anytime.


*What happens when you sleep while a very chatty aunty is applying Mehandi on your palms.- You end up with ugly orange nails!! that’s what happens when you sleep just to avoid hmmm hmmming to the said chatty aunty. *karma*

Now you’d understand/appreciate my love for this polish!



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7 thoughts on “Zoya Avril

  1. soooo cute this shade is ❤

  2. Sangeeta

    Such a lovely shade. Love it.

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  4. such a lovely shade…

  5. Nirah

    I agree. Its my go to polish these days. Love it 🙂

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