I am out of inspiration or wahtever it is I need to be able to write. So I will just ramble.

– I had so much fun at the weddings. I am more tolerant of people now than I was before. 😀

-I gave away most of my make up. I live in a small house (not entirely true). Plus the cupboards full of make up meant I couldn’t even look at all the new stuff flooding the market. Now I am all ready! 😛

– I came up with a lovely lip colour by melting two awful lipsticks. I love the end result.

-I will be re-doing my wardrobe soon. I am so looking forward to it. I have started buying the basics. Lets see how it goes.

– Which also means I will be giving away lots of clothes as well. *deep breathe*

– Of course, none of this means I gave away my nail polishes. No sire. They will continue to encroach every free space till we rent another place to live and leave them a ‘full house’ 😀


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5 thoughts on “Random

  1. I also want to do all the above said thing..but most i can’t :p

    I can’t be tolerant to people,i can’t giveaway all makeup and clothes :p

  2. Nirah

    Being tolerant is more difficult than giving away make up. Thats for sure. 😉

  3. send me the pintrest invite again, I cannot find it now and I cannot begin to tell you the number of times I have mentally slapped people!

  4. Nirah

    You forgot to break the sentence I, first thought you were slapping people for loss of invite. I had my coffee and re read it. 😛

    Sent the invite.
    Oh mental slaps are better I have done a few verbal slaps. There is a reason I dont write about myself here 😛

  5. Thanks so much for the comment. Its great to see you at My Dream Canvas. Glad you left a comment so that I could visit your blog as well:-)

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