Orly Star Spangled

The pictures just give an idea of what this polish is but the true magic happens on the nails. Star Spangled is a deep red jelly with glitter that dances at every given chance. It looks like a red jelly and glitter sandwich. The glitter glows in the jelly but never overtakes it. I am in love with this polish and have had it on my hand almost every other week, which is a rarity.

in sunlight

I hope Stylecraze will get the full size Orly bottles and some more collections. And when and if they do I hope I can find Star Spangled there.

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10 thoughts on “Orly Star Spangled

  1. I bought Revlon slippers and I spent half an hour getting rid of the glitter!! This is definitely a good idea and it looks so nice!

  2. Nirah

    I have Revlon’s Belle, I know what you mean. 🙂
    Star Spangled is my kind of glitter, I love it. 😀

  3. awsom hot shade nirah 😀

  4. I totally love this 🙂 It looks really good somehow a subtle version of dorothy na 🙂

    • Nirah

      Which Dorothy Divya?
      From Wizard of Oz, then I am totally with you, except that Star Spangled is not subtle just bad pictures 😛

      Thanks for reminding me, now I will go and listen to ‘somewhere over rainbows….

  5. OMG..This looks very pretty..Reminds me of those pretty gift wrappers..my kinda glitter

  6. Kejal

    me in love with this..A nice dupe in full size bottle is ChG ruby pumps. I’ll get that someday

    • Nirah

      haha! Ok you get this time. I cant be getting fullsize CG bottles for all my Orly mins 😛
      I love this one. It is beyond gorgeous. 😀

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