Revlon- Steel Her Heart

When I saw this bottle at Shoppers Stop I knew I had seen it somewhere. But that was not the reason I bought it. I have been on lookout for a flattering grey polish for a very long time. I love grey but it can look very dull on me,  be it polish or clothes or shoes.

Revlon Steel her heart is different. It is a lovely steel grey. I am terrible at defining anything but I think under the sun it shows a tiny bit of green but indoors it is just a very pretty steel grey. I am positive I am getting another bottle of this.

Oh! a little googling led me to Chanel Black Pearl. It is supposedly a dupe for Black Pearl. I dont know about that nor do I intend to find out. I just love this polish.

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2 thoughts on “Revlon- Steel Her Heart

  1. The name should have been steal his heart, that way it would have served some purpose and I like this shade and it is looking nice on you. Even I keep my nails short, it is practical that way and no breaking of nails to deal with:D

  2. Nirah

    I think any polish named ‘Steal his heart’ will be a glossy red, or may be not. 😛

    It did steal my heart, not steel it. And I am in no mood to get my heart steeled. 😀

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