Viviana- Party Exotica

My hands are in terrible condition. But atleast my house is shiny sparkly. Ha!

This is Party Exoctica-Viviana. I have three Viviana  polishes. I love this one the most. It is green with lots of yellow in it. But for some reason it will not show its true colours to my camera. Now I have to say I love the colour my camera captured  even more and need to find a bottle.

Maybe Outrageous sky, but that one looks more blue. But then Viviana swacthes on the site are very off.The stunning sensuality I bought is actually red with gold shimmer (if I remember it right).

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7 thoughts on “Viviana- Party Exotica

  1. I was thinking about buying these…they look great on your nails:)

  2. Nirah

    For 100 bucks they are very good. Specially this one.

  3. You bought it from urbantouch?? I found my perfect nude shade in this range but then I thought I will buy it the next time and now it is sold out:(

    • Nirah

      Yes Urban touch.
      Ah! I have bought so many things out of fear that it will sell out if I don’t buy that moment.

  4. You got it from urbantouch? I found my perfect nude shade here but it was sold out by the time I came back to buy it

  5. Nirah

    They do!!
    I need to take a print out and show it to some people around me who think I am a nut case and a hoarder. 😛

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